Google Ads

Google Ads

Tired of funneling advertising dollars into Google Ads that don’t convert? We’ve got the solution. Google Ads are a great way to get your business in front of potential buyers exactly when they’re looking for what you’re selling.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods if your goal is to get more leads and sales.

With precision targeting, huge traffic sources, and access to a wealth of data and insights, Google Ads enables you to spend smarter and get a higher return on investment than traditional advertising. We work with clients to design and deliver effective Google Ad campaigns, from Search Network and Display to video and app campaigns.

With simple and digestible reporting and sound strategic advice, our digital team loves the challenge of exceeding your campaign goals, while growing your brand and enhancing your customer experience.

E- Commerce
E- Commerce

Harness the potential of digital advertising

It’s important to cast your net wisely in the digital ocean so that you land conversion rates that would make any accountant happy. The best approach depends on whether you’re selling products or services, how quickly you want to grow your business, and your budget.

Managing and optimizing a high-performing campaign involves time, constant up-skilling, staying in the loop of new updates, and persistent testing. “Set and forget” campaigns won’t give you the results you’re looking for. This is why your ad campaigns need to adapt regularly to the ever-changing currents where your fish swim.

Get a Little Help from Google Ads

Our customers know that we’re professional fishermen and can use all our best tools in our fishing tackle to ensure your ads are fresh, unique, and optimized, to help you stand out in the reef.

Google Search Ads

These are text-based advertisements that appear at the top of Google Search Results. They are commonly used to direct users to your landing page(s). These advertisements camouflage themselves in the sea of results making them almost indistinguishable from organic links (links that appear in the search results through standard SEO practices). They simply float above other search results so you get noticed faster. Searchers click on ads as often as organic search results.

Google Display Ads

These are banner ads targeting niche audiences and pages on sites outside of Google. They’re essentially digital billboards that appear on websites that allow Google Display Ads to appear. They also have the potential to repeatedly retarget existing and prospective customers. And they’re a really good way to raise awareness for your brand in a non-invasive way.

These ads place your product images, description, and prices directly into the search results above organic links (just like Search ads). Google Shopping ads usually appear before standard Google Search ads because Google wants to create a good user experience for its audience.

Presenting your product visually helps you stand out, leading to higher click rates to your content. Taking help from Google Ads Shopping also ensures greater advertising ROI.

YouTube Ads

These are branded videos targeted at specific users or content before, during and/or after content creators’ videos. They can appear on YouTube as well as websites that present videos using the YouTube platform. If your ad content resonates with the website owner’s audience, it can be a great way to positively associate your product or brand with them and gain more customers quickly.

Our Process

Strategy and Planning

We take a deep dive into any historical campaigns as well as what your competitors are doing to gain insights and get a running start. We couple this with an in-depth onboarding questionnaire that hones in on your campaign goals. All of this allows us to craft a custom campaign that will drive month-on-month performance improvements.

Campaign Setup

After our strategy and planning is done we begin to execute. We build out a comprehensive campaign with your unique goals and conversion points in mind.

Data Analysis

Thorough data analysis every week ensures we understand what is working and what isn’t- so we can optimize it. Without data we’re blind.

Ongoing Optimisation

We deliver improved month-on-month performance by continually optimizing to generate the cheapest and highest-quality lead possible. We do this by A/B testing text ads, landing pages, and driving more budget to higher-performing keywords. This is an iterative process that guarantees success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? Read our FAQ.

How do you measure Google Ads’ success?

There are a number of metrics we can look at to ascertain how successful a campaign is. The most important metric we follow is conversions. Be that in the form of phone calls, emails, form submissions, or cart checkouts. We look at your business and work towards what matters to you and your business goals.

How long does it typically take to see results?

The benefit of Google Ads is that we can generate results almost immediately. From day one you’re on page one of Google, getting clicks, and generating a contact for your business. The longer you run your campaign, the more we can optimize it and get more from your marketing spend month-on-month.

How does pricing work?

Each website has different products, services, target audiences, competitive keywords, and goals; therefore, different biddings for a Google Ads placement on SERPs. With these various elements to consider, each ad will take a different strategic approach to generate leads. Each Google Ad campaign is, therefore, customized to the needs and budget of each business. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us, and we will provide you with the best actionable insights for your Google Ads campaign.

How much does Google Ads cost?

Google Ads utilizes a PPC (pay-per-click) payment model; meaning that you pay each time a user clicks on your ad. However, you’re in charge of your own budget and there is no minimum spend requirement. Simply choose what keywords your ad appears in and set a comfortable budget. You can even set a maximum daily cost to ensure you never go over budget.

If you still feel you’re spending too much on ads, you can change your spending instantly. The best way to determine your Google Ads cost is to do some ad testing and measure the effect of your ads on users. If you’re getting ad clicks but no conversions, you can lower the cap and shift some extra budget to ads driving immediate conversions to avoid reaching your cap on these successful ads too early.

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